IIT Foundation Physics, Chemistry & Maths for Class 9 (Main Books) FREE EBOOK PDF DOWNLOAD

The new and updated edition of the Pearson IIT Foundation Series continues​ to be a source of comprehensive and reliable content for competitive readiness. C​conceptual clarity and gaining mastery over the art of problem-solving are the central theme​s of th​e series. To ensure this,  the series has lucid content along with neatly sketched diagrams and real-life application-based examples.
Key concepts explained in a learner-friendly manner
Application-based problems, graded by difficulty, leading to conceptual clarity.
Solved examples presented in a logical and step-wise manner for each concept
‘Test your Concepts section at the end of every Chapter to check progress
Hints and Explanation for key questions along with common mistakes and how to avoid them

Table of Contents1. Number systems
2. Logarithms
3. Polynomials and square roots of algebraic expressions
4. Linear equations and in equations
5. Quadratic expressions and equations
6. Sets and relations 
7. Matrices
8. Significant figures
9. Statistics
10. Probability
11. Banking unit- i; computing unit- ii
12. Geometry
13. Mensuration
14. Coordinate geometry
15. Locus
16. Trigonometry
17. Percentages, profit and loss, discount, partnership
18. Sales tax and cost of living index
19. Simple interest and compound interest
20. Ratio, proportion and variation
21. Shares and dividends
22. Time and work
23. Time and distance
1. Measurements
2. Kinematics
3. Dynamics
4. Simple machines
5. Gravitation
6. Hydrostatics
7. Heat
8. Wave motion and sound
9. Light 
10. Electricity 
11. Magnetism 
12. Modern physics
1 Nature of Matter
2 Atomic Structure
3 Periodic Classification of Elements
4 Chemical Bonding
5 Mole Concept, Stoichiometry and Behaviour of Gases
6 Chemical Kinetics and Chemical Equilibrium
7 Water, Solution, Solubility and Hydrogen
8 Metals and Non-metals
9 Organic Chemistry.

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