exit poll result 2019

Times Now-VMR is predicting: 
NDA: 306
UPA: 132
Others: 104
News18-IPSOS on Andhra Pradesh (Lok Sabha):
TDP: 10-12
YSRCP: 12-14
BJP: 0-1

News18-IPSOS on Telangana:
TRS: 12-14
Congress: 1-2
BJP: 1-2
News18-IPSOS on Kerala: LDF predicted to win 11-13 seats out of 20. Congress-led UDF predicted to win 7-9. BJP is also predicted to win one seat in the state.
Uttar Pradesh Exit Poll Results 2019 Latest Update
BJP wave falters but saffron party still single largest in politically important Uttar Pradesh, sasy NDTV poll of polls 
In the politically important state of Uttar Pradesh, the BJP appears to be in the lead. NDTV has said that the party will manage to win 55 seats, which is considerably less than the 71 it won in 2014. 
Uttar PradeshSeatsIncrease/Decrease
BJP + 5516
Congress + 20
SP - BSP23-

Haryana Exit Poll Results 2019 Latest Update
NDTV poll of polls says BJP to bag 8 to 12 seats; INC may fail to open account 

NDTV's poll of polls has said that the BJP will be able to win around 8 to 12 seats. The Congress and INLD may not win even a single seat. 

Lok Sabha Exit Poll Results 2019 Latest Update
First phase News18-IPSOS data at a glance 
Party/ AlliancePHASE 1 performance
Out of 542

In phase 1 of Lok Sabha elections, NDA to bag 38 to 42 seats, says News18-IPSOS survey
News18-IPSOS has released the first set of numbers. The pollster has given the NDA an edge in the first phase of the seven-phased polling exercise. News18's survey predicted that the NDA may get 33 t0 35 seats, while the Congress my win four to five seats. Others, which includes the SP-BSP alliance as well may bag 44 to 47 seats.